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Gabriel Barrere
GB Industries II Sign
The beginning... 

GB Industries was founded in 1961 by Gabriel Barrere in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Since the very beginning, Gabriel prided himself in the high quality standard at which he manufactured precision-machined parts aligned to customer specifications. As years went on, GB Industries worked hard to earn its reputation for providing quality performance at competitive pricing. 

A growing business...

As demand grew, so did the company. GB Industries became GB Industries II Incorporated, new equipment was purchased, and the plant was expanded to its present size of 10,000 square feet with a strong work force of valued employees. A modern CAD engineering system is in place, along with many other state-of-the-art machining and quality control equipment. 

Trusted for generations...

GB Industries II is now owned and operated by Gabriel's two sons, Gerard and John Barrere, in Ringwood, New Jersey. For the last 30+ years, Gerard and John have dedicated themselves to upholding the same high quality standards and competitive prices that their father set in place many years ago. 

GB Industries II is a precision machine shop located in Ringwood, New Jersey. As a family-run business since 1961, we pride ourselves in the high quality standard at which we manufacture our products to meet customer needs. You can count on us to provide excellent customer service and competitive prices with every order. Please click here to view a master list of our state-of-the art machining and quality control equipment. 


We specialize in, but are not limited to, Swiss Type CNC machining. Secondary services include heat treating, plating, etc. We work with a variety of metals and plastics, including stainless steel, copper, brass, PVC, Acetal, Nylon, and more. GB Industries II serves commercial and industrial industries; including chemical production, gas, pharmaceuticals, water purification, automotive, oilfield & energy, electronics, and more. 

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